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☆A clamping force being: 85 t ~ 300 t


☆Vertical clamping, horizontal injection, convenient and embedded parts and reduce the machine height;


☆Injection volume, injection molding is applicable to large workpiece;


☆Direct pressure type mold-shut structure, fast clamping, slow low pressure clamping, automatic clamping abnormal mould protection, ensure the safety of the mold speed;


☆4 period of temperature control, more radiation pressure and pressure and the rate of adjustment, suitable for various plastic parts molding;


☆A shot using double shot cylinder system, being sent out smoothly;


☆Being shot can adjust the level of the nozzle height, easy to mould installation;


☆A full computer being dual electronic scale control, automatic fault alarm display, convenient troubleshooting and maintenance;


☆Do can choose single board, double skateboard, disc, make the operation more convenient, higher production efficiency;


☆Do things which can be installed in accordance with customer demand matching: save electricity servo system, high precision injection closed loop system;


Technical Parameter

型號     Model Unit KS-85T
injection system射出系統螺桿直徑 Screw Diametermm 312836
射出壓力Injection    Pressure Kg/cm² 218526791404
理論射出容量Theoretical Shot Volumecm³ 10686142
射出量    Max.shot Weight(ps)g9880132
射出速度 Injection Ratemm/s108
射出率 Injection Ratecm³/sec 8166109
溫度控制段數 Number of Temperature    Control Zone4
Clamping system鎖模系統鎖模力 Clamping ForceTons85
開模力 Opening ForceTons10
模板尺寸 Platen Sizemm720*560
模柱間距 Distance Between Tie Baremm400*560
最小模厚 Min.Mold Heightmm260
最大容模尺寸(L×W)Max.Mold Sizemm420*490
開模行程 Oprening Strokemm300
頂出力量 Ejector ForceTons2
頂出行程 Ejector Strokemm30
Electric system and otherw電力及其它最大液壓壓力 Max.Hydaulic PressureKg/cm² 140
電機電力 Pump Motor Powerkw/HP11/15
電熱容量 Barrel Heating Powerkw7
機器重量 Machine WeightTons2.6
機器外型尺寸Machine Dimensions(L×W×H) m2.2*1.0*2.5
     Note: this parameter according to the proportion of polystyrene is 1.05,    the injection coefficient of 0.88. If there are any design change, without    prior notice.

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