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☆A clamping force being: 45 t ~ 300 t


☆Vertical clamping, vertical injection, pressure big, fast firing rate, good forming ability;


☆Template install an upper die, disk installed on the two lower die; Do 180 production, the disc. Positive &negative alternate or 360. Rotate, higher production efficiency;


☆Being efficient disk gear transmission by plane since embellish wear-resisting copper bearing, rotating quickly locate accurately, chrome plated surface rust, beautiful, durable;


☆Do 4 period of temperature control, more pressure and pressure and the rate of adjustment.


☆A full computer being dual electronic scale control, automatic fault alarm display, convenient troubleshooting and maintenance;


☆Standard disk is 2 station, there are special requirements for optional 3 or 4 stand;


☆Do things which can be installed in accordance with customer demand matching: turntable servo positioning system (control more accurate), provincial electrical servo system;

Technical Parameter

型號     Model Unit KS-35T-RKS-45T-R(I/Ⅱ)KS-55T-R
injection system射出系統螺桿直徑 Screw Diametermm 283032253032283236
射出壓力Injection    Pressure Kg/cm² 11791026902215014931312232117771404
理論射出容量Theoretical Shot Volumecm³ 7788100699911386113142
射出量    Max.shot Weight(ps)g718192649110479104131
射出速度 Injection Ratemm/s152130110
射出率 Injection Ratecm³/sec 9410712264921046888112
螺桿轉速 Screw Speed Rotationr.p.m190236270
溫度控制段數 Number of Temperature    Control Zone444
Clamping system鎖模系統鎖模力 Clamping ForceTons354555
開模力 Opening ForceTons7914
圓盤尺寸 Round Sizemmφ540φ786/φ600φ920
定位精度 mm0.020.020.02
最小模厚 Min.Mold Heightmm200200200
最大容模尺寸(LXW)Max.Mold Sizemm230*160320*400/280*170380*250
開模行程 Oprening Strokemm180200220
頂出力量 Ejector ForceTons1.51.51.5
頂出行程 Ejector Strokemm606060
Electric system and otherw電力及其它最大液壓壓力 Max.Hydaulic PressureKg/cm² 140140140
電機電力 Pump Motor Powerkw/HP4/5.57.5/109/12
電熱容量 Barrel Heating Powerkw3.93.96
機器重量 Machine WeightTons1.622.8
機器外型尺寸Machine Dimensions(L×W×H) m1.47*1.07*2.511.9*1.3*2.12.5*1.4*2.92
     Note: this parameter according to the proportion of polystyrene is 1.05,    the injection coefficient of 0.88. If there are any design change, without    prior notice.

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