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☆A clamping force being 35 t ~ 300 t


☆Vertical clamping, vertical injection, pressure big, fast firing rate, good forming ability;


☆Direct pressure type mold-shut structure, fast clamping, slow low pressure clamping, automatic clamping abnormal mould protection, ensure the safety of the mold speed;


☆For being inserted into the positioning of a good, and have finished product ejection device;


☆To create a single slide being product, adding capacity and convenience;


☆Do 4 period of temperature control, more pressure and pressure and the rate of adjustment.


☆Being shot using double shot cylinder system, can automatically, and has the automatic cleaning device, convenient mould and raw material change;


☆A full computer being dual electronic scale control, automatic fault alarm display, convenient troubleshooting and maintenance;


☆Do things which can be installed in accordance with customer demand matching: save electricity servo system, high precision injection closed loop system;

Technical Parameter

型號  Model Unit KS-35T-DKS-45T-DKS-55T-DKS-85T-D
螺桿直徑 Screw Diametermm 2830322530322832363640
射出壓力Injection Pressure Kg/cm2 1446 1260 1107 2150 1493 1312 2321 1777 1404 2176 1763 
理論射出容量Theoretical Shot Volumecm3 77 88 100 69 99 113 86 113 142 162 200 
射出量 Max.shot Weight(ps)g71 81 92 64 91 104 79 104 131 150 185 
射出速度 Injection speedmm/s78 130
射出速率 Injection Ratecm3/s 48 55 63 64 92 104 68 88 112 81 100 
螺桿轉速 Screw Speed Rotationr.p.m149 236 
270 190
溫度控制段數 Number of Temperature Control Zone3444
鎖模力 Clamping ForceTons35455585
開模力 Opening ForceTons1416
滑模板尺寸 Slide Sizemm335*335390*390440*440480*480
模柱間距(L×W)Distance Between Tie Barsmm355*205410*250500*340560*400
最小模厚 Min.Mold Thicknessmm200200200220
最大容模尺寸(L×W)Max.Mold Sizemm260*260320*290310*320380*400
開模行程 Oprening Strokemm180200220215
頂出力量 Ejector ForceTons1.
頂出行程 Ejector Strokemm90909090
最大液壓壓力 Max.Hydaulic PressureKg/cm2 140140140140
電機電力 Pump Motor Powerkw/HP4/5.57.5/109/1211/15
電熱容量 Barrel Heating Powerkw2.953.966.3
機器重量 Machine WeightTons1.41.842.53.4
機器外型尺寸Machine Dimensions(L×W×H) m1.47*1.07*2.511.9*1.5*2.712.1*1.25*2.922.1*1.25*2.9
Note: this parameter according to the proportion of polystyrene is 1.05, the injection coefficient of 0.88. If there are any design change, without prior notice.

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