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Injection molding industry diversified development micro injection molding process technology

Datetime:2015-08-11   Click:751

Injection molding industry in the context of the current market increasingly diversified, broaden also in unceasing development, appeared such as multi-color injection molding, gas assisted, mould sticker, new injection molding process. Also on the specifications of the injection molding machine, also advances in both directions - large tonnage injection molding machine and micro injection molding machine are constantly updated.

In recent years, micro products demand more and more, whether it is the electronics industry, watch industry or in the military industry, there are a lot of small injection molded parts requirements, the requirements on the precision of injection molding products in size and is very high.

Micro injection molding in the aspect of mould processing usually has two trends: the first is the mirror spark machining, in order to ensure high precision, best graphite electrode for edm is used, because the wastage of the graphite electrode is much smaller than ordinary copper electrode.

Processing which are frequently used in the second way is to use an electric molds, electroforming process can ensure high precision, but the disadvantage is that the processing cycle is long, each hole to separate processing, and in production if there was a slight damage cannot be repaired, can only replace the damaged point.

In terms of mold, die temperature is also a very important parameter of the micro injection molding. Facing the high-end customer demand, the more common practice is to borrow specular injection in the field of philosophy, import the rapid heating and cooling system.

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