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What kind of injection molding machine will become the domestic popular type injection molding machi

Datetime:2015-08-11   Click:863

Reports have pointed out that in 2013, in the high-end injection machines will be mainstream domestic injection molding machine products. Investigate its reason, we can find that in 2012 China international plastics, rubber injection molding industry exhibition display domestic injection molding machine industry well-known Mr. Ping said in an interview at the scene of the exhibition, in recent years, the Chinese market change, technology upgrade soon, rely on cheap Labour and cheap resources have been unable to win in the current market situation. At the same time pay attention to the customer is not price factors, but the production efficiency, product performance. Enterprises need through the technology upgrading in order to obtain greater added value.


In the injection molding industry experts also said that high-end injection molding machine is the development direction of domestic injection molding machine industry, in the next few years it will occupy the market share of 60%.

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