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系統名稱systematic name應答性responsiveness(ms)重復性Repeatability(%)躁音noise(HB)節能energy conservation(%)
1PQ開環系統PQ open-loop system80375~85--
2精密半閉環系統Precision half closed loop system30~750.575~85--
3省電閉環系統The closed-loop system to save power30~750.575~8520~40
4省電高精密全閉環系統High precision closed loop system to save power30~400.360~7040~80
5高精密射出全閉環系統High precision injection whole closed loop system25~350.175~85--
6SP-ACC高速高精密射出全閉環系統SP - ACC high-speed high-precision penetrate the whole closed loop system25~350.175~85--
Amy polumbo Q relationship system
B. precision half relationship system
F. high precision injection repeat accuracy 0.1 0.15% full relations system
G.S P - ACC high-speed high-precision injection relations system rate of 600 mm/Sec
D. save electricity high precision relationship system save electricity 20-40%
C. save electricity system save electricity 20-40%
Double proportional valve
BOSCH PQ valve
YUKEN quantitative pump
YUKEN quantitative pump
YUKEN quantitative pump
YUKEN quantitative pump
Double proportional valve
BOSCH PQ valve
BOSCH electronic closed-loop variable pump
BOSCH servo valve
BOSCH servo pump
YUKEN double proportional valve
YUKEN double proportional valve

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