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The four most common machine problems and processing

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The four most common machine problems and processing

A: the clamping part failure problems and processing methods:

(a) : no clamping: processing methods:

1) : check the safety door switch, and repair.

2) : check all the electricity in 24 v5a power, in insurance and power supply box.

3) : check whether the valve core is stuck, clean the valve core.

4) : to check whether there is output I/O board, the electromagnetic valve is electrically charged.

5) : check whether the hydraulic safety switch is pressing, mechanical rod baffle lock is open.

(2) : mold opening and closing machine ground ring: processing methods:

1) : to check the oil pipe is disconnected, if so, must meet well tubing from the ground up.

2) : small amount of lubricating oil and increase the amount of lubricating oil, the proposed 50 mould preview once or to add the lubricating oil with manual.

3) the clamping force is big, check whether the mold need large clamping force, clamping force.

4) : current amplification board, check whether the current parameters is suitable for checking standard, from the beginning to adjust current value.

5) : parallel super bad, with a dial indicator check whether head junior parallelism is greater than the check standard; The parallelism.

(3) : wait a few seconds to open mold, processing methods:

1) : start slowly and check whether the screw damping is too large, the small screws damping hole.

2) : damping center of screw hole is too big, check whether Y damping hole screw is too big, in the center hole of thin damping.

(4) : the lock mode the crawling: processing methods:

1) : junior guideway and elder brother Lin Zhu wear big, check the junior Lin Zhu guideway and the elder brother, to replace copper set of second board, elder brother Lin Zhu, filling lubricating oil.

2) : the lock mode velocity pressure regulating improper, set the flow 20, 99 when clamping pressure junior should not crawl, adjust flow proportional valve hole, or pilot valve hole, adjust proportional valve linear current value. 3) : there is air in the pipeline and oil cylinder, exhaust.

We can't start: (5) : open mold processing methods:

1) : fill the lock mode speed, pressure flow is too small not good, check the lock mode speed, pressure whether appropriate, open the clamping pressure, speed.

2) : clamping electronic scale zero change, check whether clamping straighten machine ground after termination at zero, from regulating electronic scale to zero.

3) : check whether the hinge.

(6) : in the production of automatic tuning mode will be more and more tight or loose: processing methods:

1) : the variable inside the solenoid valve leakage, check for the "O" type solenoid valve, model 4 we6e or 0810092101, replace solenoid valve, or whether the electromagnetic valve is not professional with 24 v battery.

2) : manual activity whether there are other action, and the valve is stuck.

(7) : after clamping action other professional, fully automatic drive slowly die: processing methods:

1) : oil plate, inspect or replace express mode locking valve, replace the oil plate.

2) : open valve leakage, to start the pump and clamping end, according to shoot or shoot glue action, whether junior backwards, replace the cavity oil valve. Normal to the lock mode.

(8) : only when clamping mould action: processing methods:

: 1) the wrong line, check for 24 VDC to the valve, the check circuit and wiring.

2) : the wrong card valve or valve core, check whether the valve core is wrong, or block, from the valve core or cleaning. Under normal circumstances the lock mode movement is motionless.

(9) : clamping not free: processing methods:

1) : A, B hole regulate improper, set 20 system flow, pressure, 99, observe whether clamping action is crawling, adjust or change the valve from the beginning.

2) : there is air in oil, oil in the presence of air, check the oil in the presence of air bubbles, need to vent.

3) : enlarge plate oblique rise fall regulate improper, observe the ammeter is proportional to the current value and whether changes in or with speed, adjust amplification board.

Can't afford to (10) : clamping high pressure, beyond the trip: processing methods:

1) : limit switch beyond limit, check whether the variable appropriate, to adjust the appropriate module and thick; Check whether the motor is normal.

2) : hydraulic limit over schedule, appropriate electronic foot stroke position, check whether the variable appropriate, the appropriate mode forward.

Mould opening (11) : manual has terminated, semi-automatic no mould termination: processing methods:

1) : open valve leakage, manual shot behind the action, observe whether junior is backwards, replace the mould opening valve.

2) : check the electronic scale biggest stroke and pressure flow.

(12) : no thimble action: processing methods:

1) : thimble limit switch bad, use multimeter check lights on 24 v close switch. Replace the thimble limit switch.

2) : valve, use hex key press plunger valve core can move, clean the pressure valve

3) : thimble limit rod break, after the stop out limit lever with the hand, change the limit lever.

4) : plunger switch short circuit, using a multimeter to check thimble, switch to ground zero voltage change of plunger switch.

5) : electronic feet position Settings.

(13) : semi-automatic thimble is out of control: processing methods:

1) : bad thimble board, check whether the circuit is normal, normal voltage DV24V. Maintenance thimble plate.

2) : line, comprehensive check switch cables, cables on the I/O board. Check the circuit, wiring from the beginning.

3) : look for walking a mould.

4) : whether the oil cylinder piston rod sealing ring damage.

(14) : open mold loudly: processing methods:

: 1) the linear between, the process pressure flow control bad time position, check the parameters in the oblique rise fall, oblique litre fall in regulating parameters.

2) : poor lubrication clamping machine hinge, check brother Lin Zhu, junior feet slip, machine hinge lubrication situation, increasing lubrication, fill the preview.

3) : the mould clamping force is too large, check the force when the mould clamping force, according to the condition of the user product reduce clamping force. Check whether time position suitable.

4) : the head junior parallelism deviation, check head plate junior parallelism. Regulate junior, head plate parallel error.

5) : slow turn fast mould setting position is too small, too fast. Check the slow cavity mould opening position is appropriate, slowly open mold speed is too fast. Extended slowly open mould position, reduce the speed of the slow open mould.

(15) : semi-automatic have two clamping action processing methods:

1) : clamping valve core is not completely reset, check the clamping action implementation after the next action whether continuity is too strong.

2) : fill the delay time of an action.


Part two: adjustable die failure problems and processing methods:

Can not transfer mode: (a) : processing methods:

1) : mechanical level and parallel. Use level square examination. Adjust parallel and level. (for large aircraft, the impact is not big small models)

2) : wire clamp and adjustable die gap is too small. With a feeler. Adjust pressure plate and nut clearance, die nut and platen gap (gap 0.05 m m or less).

3) : burn nut: check nut can turn the fever for iron powder. Replace the nut.

4) : top and bottom plate is adjusted. Spending down the plate lock nut. Adjust adjusting nut.

5) : the I/O board. Check whether there is a signal output points on computer layout. Maintenance of electronic board.

6) : the variable valve core. Remove the check valve. Clean the valve.

7) : the variable motor bad: check the oil motor. Replace or repair the oil motor.


Part three: injection failure problems and processing methods:

(a) : can't shoot glue: processing methods:

1) : shoot tip there are foreign bodies blocked. Check whether the shoot tip is blocked. Clean or replace the shoot tip.

2) : glue nozzle is broken. Open flange check points glue nozzle fracture. Replace the glue nozzle.

3) : shoot glue direction valve is stuck. Check for 24 v voltage direction valve, coil resistance is 15-20 ohm, such as normal valve plug. Clean the valve or change direction valve.

4) : shoot rubber piston rod is broken. Loosen the shoot rubber piston rod mother, check whether the piston rod fracture. Replace piston rod.

5) : cylinder temperature is too low. They needed to check whether the actual temperature reached the material melting point temperature. From the beginning to set cylinder temperature.

6) : shoot rubber piston seal damage. Check whether the piston seal is bad. Replace the oil seal.

(2) : shoot glue start loudly: processing methods:

1) : shoot rubber speed start too fast. Observe shoot rubber speed starting speed changes. Adjust flow quantity, speed.

2) : with air in the oil. If there is a vibration observation each action.

(3) : shoot in ending turn melt glue loudly: processing methods:

1) : shoot adhesive action when converting speed too fast. Check glue ever increasing pressure. Increasing pressure, dispensing glue series, melt time delay.

(4) : shoot glue is fixed: processing methods:

1) : oil cylinder oil seal wear. Observe the pressure gauge pressure to keep things. Replace the oil seal.

2) : points glue nozzle, aprons wear. By shooting two glue checked out. Replace the rubber tip three-piece suit.

3) the cylinder wear. With two shoot tip detection, material abrasion of Jane to check. Replace the plastic tube.

(5) : semi-automatic without adhesive action. Processing method:

1) : shoot stage into not ended. Check shoot stage or clamping stroke switch is normal. Check the line and travel switch.

2) : disconnection. Check the wiring. Connection from the beginning.

3) : clamping to zero. When machine hinge straight position 0. From the dispensing electronic feet zero.

(6) : half/full automatic profession, cylinder temperature more than set value gradually. Processing method:

1) : melt speed too fast. Using tachometer test the screw rotation speed is too fast. Lower melt speed.

2) : back pressure is too large. Watch products, back pressure table value, reduce the back pressure as much as possible.

3) : the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel friction. Screw, material cylinder, check the wear and tear. More refueling tube or screw.

4) : improper temperature setting. Check whether the actual temperature is too low. From the set temperature.

5) : plastic to avoid the excessive shear heat. Check the front, middle temperature rise. Melt speed, back pressure.

(7) : when plastic screw ring. Processing method:

1) : shaft installed improperly. Separate screw rotation check for noise, if have the plain bearing. From the beginning installation.

2) : plane bearings. Separate screw check the rotational part there was a noise. The change of surface bearing.

3) : screw curly8. Remove the screw. Replace the screw.

4) : screw with iron filings. Open the screw to check. Clean up the screw.

5) : use of the dial indicator to check the screw adjustment alignment. 0.05 mm or so jumpy as normal.

(8) : can't melt. Processing method:

1) : burning bearing or the shaft blowout. Separate the screw melt and watch the voice again. Replace the bearing.

2) : screw with iron filings. Separation of the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel, check if there is a iron screw. Screw down the clean up.

3) : plastic valve plug. Valve core with a hex key look to whether move. Wash the solenoid valve.

4) : plastic damage of the motor. Separate plastic motor, melt when you don't turn. Melt motor replacement or repair.

5) : burn hot laps. Use a multimeter to check whether normal. Replace the heating coil.

6) : the plug loose. Check whether melt system of oil plug contact undesirable. The tight plug. And check the presence of 24 power supply.

(9) : melt when the back pressure cannot be adjusted. Processing method:

1) : bad back pressure valve. Under the increasing back pressure. Check whether the screw back. Wash the back pressure valve.

(10) : product has black spots. Processing method:

1) : the screw has a carbon deposit. Check the cleaning screw, cylinder.

2) : cylinder carbon deposit and auxiliary machinery is not clean. Check whether there is any dust on feeder. Polishing material barrel and auxiliary machinery.

3) : glue nozzle component corrosion. Check points glue nozzle. Replace glue nozzle component.

4) : flange, shoot tip has a carbon deposit. Clean up the replacement.

5) : the original data is not clean, check the original data. Change the raw material.

6) : high temperature melt back pressure is too large. Check paragraphs temperature. Cool the back pressure reduction.

(11) : bad screw mixed color. Processing method:

1) : data. Check the quality of toner. Change the data.

2) : the temperature is too low. Check the actual temperature and the required temperature. Higher temperature.

3); Back pressure is too low, check back pressure. Increase the back pressure.

4) : mixing materials time is short. Lengthen the period of mixing materials or change into a mixing head.

5) : speed is too low. Check the screw rotation speed. Increasing the screw rotation speed.

(12) : no smoking adhesive action. Processing method:

1) : back pressure is big. How quickly check manually melt when the nozzle spray adhesive. Reduce the back pressure.

2) : disconnection. Rubber valve break line.

3) : the direction valve core is not flexible. Free press with Allen key check whether the valve core activities. Clean the valve core.

(13) : melt, motor put tail. Processing method:

1) : bearings. Observing melt there is no sound. Replace the bearing.

2) : the oblique bead bearing improper dispensing. Observe the shaft presence of oscillation. From the beginning to adjust clearance.

3) : screw deformation. Watch separate screw shaft turn about. Replace the screw.

4) : shoot back plate copper ring wear 2 guide rod deformation or fixed screw loose. Observe whether junior copper sleeve is grinded copper powder. Replace the copper sleeve.

(14) : shoot rubber action twice

1) : shoot tip aperture is too small, shoot glue when resistance is too big.

2) : shoot tip bad fever circle, check the heating coil or replacement.

3) : look for the pressure flow output.

(15) : the screw broken reasons

1) : move out of sync, dispensing shot synchronization + / - 0.05

2) : shoot rubber cylinder out of sync, regulating shoot rubber cylinder synchronization + / - 0.05

3) : the original data does not match performance of injection molding machine screw.

4) : temperature wasn't up to the melting point of materials.

5) : just wait until the temperature to turn the screw.

6) : heating tube burning heat, check the presence of cold resistant, replace the heating tube.

Part four: hydraulic failure problems and processing methods:

(a) : the hydraulic oil pollution:

1) : oil mixed with air. Pipe fittings, mainly due to the hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, etc is bad. Watch today's fuel tank with bubbles.

2) : oil mixed with water. Can make the oil into a milky white. The main reason why the cooler leaking or humid environment.

3) : mixed with solid impurities in oil. Is the main chip, welding slag, rust and metal powder.

4) : oil generated in colloid substance. Main feast or erosion was the oil seal oil metamorphism, produce colloidal substances in the oil, the colloid matter often make pore clogging.

(2) : what is the effect of temperature on the viscosity of hydraulic oil:

The effects of:

1) : when the temperature rises, the viscosity of oil. The oil viscosity directly affects the performance of hydraulic system and the change of the leak. (normal temperature between 30 ~ 50 ℃)

(3) : creep failure:

The reason:

1) : bad lubrication conditions. - slide - pause "appear" suspended. Increase the amount of lubrication.

2) : in air in the hydraulic system. Need to vent.

3) : mechanical rigidity reasons. Change parts wear deformation, cause friction and produce crawling. Replacement parts.

(4) : the boot production after a period of time, the oil pump. Processing method:

1) : suction tubing quality is bad or throat code not tightened. Check whether the deformation split screen. If the suction tubing stratification. Replace the tubing, mesh.

2) : mesh isn't clean. The hydraulic oil impurity is too much. Clean strainer.

3) the oil pump wear: check the oil pump oil distribution disc and abrasion of rotor end face. Replace the oil pump.

(5) : after the motor starting, gauge pressure, no traffic. Processing method:

1) : DA board, bad maintenance DA board.

2) : the overflow valve is stuck. Remove the relief valve inspection, cleaning the overflow valve or replace the pressure gauge to check.

(6) : the pressure of traffic

1) : to check oil pump motor rotation direction is normal.

2) : check whether leak.

3) : look for current pressure flow valve.

4) : is there a socket head pressure valve core whether pressure, replacing or cleaning.

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