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Do you want to know the plastic injection machine works?

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Weeks, a well-known plastic is part of our life can't lack. So you have a deep understanding on closely contact with plastic? To understand the injection molding machine, and to understand your life.


First of all, let's talk about the definition of injection molding machine. Injection moulding machine is the use of thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic mould will be made a variety of shape plastic products main machinery and equipment. It has made, lie down, full electric three types. Its main role is: heating plastic, and the molten plastic under pressure, until it is full of mold.


Operation principle of injection molding machine is very simple, is to pass the plasticizing is viscous flow state of the plastic through screw thrust, injected into the mold cavity. Followed by curing finalize the design process and finished products. Its operation principle and an injection syringe are not poor.


Injection molding is a repetitive operation, cycle consists of five parts, quantitative feeding, melting plasticizing, injection pressure, die cooling and rev die, and then into the next cycle.


Injection molding machine operation including keyboard control hydraulic system, electrical control and operation, etc. And for injection, loading, process such as injection, injection speed, ejection type action to choose, and to control the temperature around the cylinder, the adjustment of injection pressure, back pressure, etc.


Do you know why just molding machine power in our country, but not molding machine power? Do you know why we always sigh: or foreign machine good ah!


Answer: undoubtedly chinese-made injection molding machine manufacturing technology level is far inferior to abroad.


Injection molding machine research and development to the general user to discuss together. Injection molding machine manufacturing technology including electrical, multicomponent, oil compound, guide plate, rod, silica gel, BMC is special and more precise dynamic injection molding machine development. For domestic research and development of injection molding machine manufacturing technology out of a force!

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