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Machinery industrial added value growth rate is declining industry high attention

Datetime:2015-08-11   Click:961

Learn from machinery industry federation: since this year, mechanical industrial added value growth rate continues to decline, the decline rate earlier than expected. June 1 - machinery industrial production rose 5.7%, lower than the same period the national industrial growth of 0.6%, while mechanical industry growth rate of 5.5% lower than the same period last year. Machinery industrial added value growth rate is lower than the industrial added value growth for years is this one of the few phenomenon, cause the attention of the height.


In addition, after the country issued a series of policy measures in steady growth, the effect appeared gradually, mechanical industrial added value growth rebounded in June. In June than in May up 2.2%, of which the car manufacturing rebound faster, up 3.5%, especially in low-speed truck manufacturing, trams manufacturing recovery in 25.2 and 8.1%. Motor manufacturing rebounded 4.6% quantity bedding face is wide, textile, clothing and leather processing and special equipment manufacturing, 10.4% rally dedicated instrumentation manufacturing gained 6.6%.


However, in the first half of this year, mechanical industry main benefit indexes for falling trend since last year. June 1 - mechanical industry main business income is 10.73 trillion yuan, up 3.47% from a year earlier, compared with growth of 11.52% over the same period of last year, fell 8.05%, the growth of a new low since the same period in 2008. June 1 - mechanical industry total profit of 714.5 billion yuan, up 0.13% from a year earlier, the growth of 19.58% than the same period last year dropped 19.58%. Was the lowest in nearly five years in the same period.


But compared with the national industry, mechanical industry main business revenue and profit growth is still higher than the national industrial, 2.07 0.83%.

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