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Correct choose and buy injection molding machine

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Correct selection of the specifications of the injection molding machine, can make you achieve maximum input-output ratio. Please refer to the following steps of choose and buy.

1, according to the weight of the injection molding products, calculate the plastic injection machine should have the injection volume.

(1) when the injection parts are made of polystyrene (PS), injection molding machine injection quantity for the Wps should possess.

Wps = (product + gate system total weight) present (0.75 ~ 0.90)

The Wps = (1.3 ~ 1.1) x (product + gate system total weight)

When products quality request is higher, the type of the coefficient should be of great value.

(2) if the product is other plastic (named X plastics) echo method, to calculate the first should have this kind of plastic injection quantity for the theory of Wx:

Wx = (1.3 ~ 1.1) x (product + gate system total weight)

But not to simply use Wx injection molding machines, must be converted to the Wps values, the conversion formula is:

The Wps = Wx x (1.05 present vx)

The proportion of type of vx - some kind of plastic

Example: suppose a injection with polyethylene (PE) for products, products have been computed itself weighs 100 grams, estimate the runner system weighs 6 grams, the above formula to calculate the first:

Wx = 1.2 x = 127.2 g (100 + 6)

Find out the proportion of PE material from the manual for the vx = 0.92

∴ Wps = 127.2 x (1.05 present 0.92) = 1.05 g

Should the choose and buy our 5.42 ounces (153 grams), injection molding machine as well.

2, according to the required injection pressure injection molding products, choose the corresponding specifications of high, medium and low pressure screw.


3, according to the injection molding products in the template (clamping head plate or junior) vertical projection area, calculation of clamping force P. The purchased clamping force of injection machine clamping force should be greater than calculated.

Clamping force = the projection area of the clamping force constant x products

The P = Kps

Type of P - clamping force (t)

The vertical projection area of S - products in the template (cm squared)

Kp - clamping force constants (t/cm squared)

Kp value column in the table below


Table clamping force constant Kp (injection with more sophisticated products)


The name of the plastic PS



(steel) (POM)

Organic glass (PMMA)


Kp (t/cm2) 0.32

0.32 0.32 0.30 0.48 0.30 0.48

0.64 0.72 0.64 0.72 0.64 0.8



Completed the outline of the 4, the mold size, determine the injection molding machine (column) bar spacing in size. The latter than the former.

5, is determined by the height of products injection molding machine of mould schedule, the latter should be greater than the former.





6, other factors to consider

(1) the plunger stroke, output.

(2) the molar volume of injection molding machine.

(3) the technological factors.

(4) the processing of plastic (including back materials) should be uniform pieces, shoulds not be too big, too long, otherwise it will make the machine feeding difficulties, can't even feed, affect the normal production.

7, accessories

If you need to buy accessories, please provide the following information, in order to provide you with accurate and timely services:

(1) of the injection molding machine type, number, production date.

(2) parts used in the code, position in the manual illustrations, number, number of installation.

Accessories can be directly to have a company's customer service department to purchase, purchase or near to the office.

If you have the required components are not listed in the specification, or described in this specification from, please provide the manufacturer of this component and correct number, we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

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