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Dongguan City, Guangdong

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Company development process

★1985 year, The establishment of Taiwan Schwab

★1998 year, The establishment of Dongguan City, Changan Schwab Machinery Factory

★2000 year, The enterprise website officially launched, this website build super fast links and integration of e operating platform, enterprise information communication more convenient.

★2001 year, The first use of industrial computer control of the vertical injection molding machine operating system, the transformation from the traditional manual adjustment to the computer touch screen adjustment is realized.

★2003 year, The establishment of Dongguan Jia Xing Chang Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd.

★2003 year, Import ERP management control system, the system of management ideas, for the enterprise decision-making layer and the staff to provide decision-making means of operation management platform.

★2004 year, The establishment of Suzhou Jia Xing Chang Machinery Co. Ltd.

★2005 year, The establishment of Hubei Jia Xing Chang Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. (provincial)

★2006 year, The introduction of the German MOOG servo valve energy saving control system, ultra precision and stability, energy saving, high efficiency.

★2008 year, In order to better expand the international market, to obtain goods (Technology) into, export rights.

★2010 year, Independent research and development of the automatic control device, and access to 6 national patents.

★2012 year, Alibaba international station officially opened.

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