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Product line

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Has abundant cases
Has provided products and composite solution
industries’top supplier.
then product special high quality products.
at home and abroad,can be customized and
Has dozens of senior engineers and team
Strong professional competence
fasty and accuracy can meet the small
Under EPR lean management.The
production of multi varieties,
Scientific production and management
Appearance design patent certificate
Injector nozzle
Perfect service
With a lot of training institutions establish
a long-term cooperative relations,and
unceasingly improve the level of team service.
The comprehensive strength of Jia Xingchang
An industry which focus on injection machine’s
We held a number of national patents
There are our own factories in east China,
R&D,manufacturing and sale for 30 years.
south China,central China.
quantity and customized requirement.
supports for you to solve your quastions.
We will provide one-on-one service,24×7

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Dongguan Jia Xing Chang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

Jia Xing Chang Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd., accumulated many years of rich production experience, professional development, design, manufacturing vertical (horizontal) injection molding machine. From set up to today's more than ten years, Jia Xingchang machinery to "speed,high quality, performance stability, high accuracy," reputation in the industry……


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